Best Chef Award (11)The road to every smile is through the stomach 🙂 This is what I’ve always believed and has worked very well for me. Making people around me smile puts a smile on my face and cooking is the medium that has best suited my endeavor. Be it a Birthday cake, festival meal or just plain simple breakfast for my family – it connects me to the people around and the people I love. A “fun cook” and a “home baker” is what I would like to call myself.

I started playing the kitchen at a young age and never released how this playful time become my Passion and my talent. Ever since i realized my passion i started spending more and more time in the kitchen and playing with ingredients and methods of cooking and baking, giving rise to me new experimented recipes.

As my passion grew so did my wish to share my these knowledge with other people who would like to give their loved one A pinch of the love in their dish to their family and friends.

Come Join me in this journey for fun with spice and flavor.

Mrs. Poonam Ankur Shrishrimal – Bangalore, India – Total foodie – Cheers!!