Dairy Milk Shaped Cake – Kuch Meetha Ho Jaayee

Now if it’s 15 years of love what better way to celebrate than with an all time favorite chocolate.. if anyone who don’t like chocolate (which is rare) would want to grab this bar seeing its ads.. made this for my sisters 15 wedding anniversary.. had a full bar for inspiration.. lol.. hope u like […]

One Direction themed cake – Stage with lights

When Ambica Aunty called me and asked me to make a cake for her beautiful daughter who her self is a master chef in making.. and she wanted a One Direction themed cake.. I honestly went blank… Saw a lot of images first to understand what’s one direction.. lol.. then saw inspiration cakes and found […]

A walk down memory lane – Cake to celebrate 10 years of togetherness

ITS ONE LONG POST …. As my brother and bhabi where celebrating a decade of their journey togetherness – We wanted to surprise this sweet couple. A couple who does for the whole world needed to be pampered by the family. So along with all the surprise planning and hiding the secret till the end […]

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