Eggless HOLI Cake

  Eggless HOLI Cake using Jelly powder – served with edible Holi water With Holi festival around the corner thought of this holi cake. its just not a colorful cake but with different fruit flavors and to top it off and innovate what to play with your cake. Hope you like it.

Rasmalai CheeseCake (Vegetarian).

Hello everyone. When I read about the Kitchenaid Probaker Challenge I wanted to try a new desert. Here I have tried to combine my husbands’ and my likes in one desert.  He being an Indian by Heart – RasMalai for him & for me it’s the rich and creamy – CheeseCakes.   It’s a RasMalai […]

Rasmalai / Rossomalai – Homemade & Easy

Ras malai or rossomalai is a dessert consumed mainly in India, as well as in Pakistan and Bangladesh. The name ras malai comes from two words in Hindi: ras, meaning “juice”, and malai, meaning “cream”. It has been described as “a rich cheesecake without a crust.” The sweet is of Bengali origin; according to K.C. Das Grandsons, it was invented by K.C. Das Rasmalai is a Bengali delicacy that is […]

Vegetarian Panna cotta – Coffee & Raspberry

Coffee & Raspberry With Mothers day around the corner thought of marring two contrast flavors. It’s said right, opposites attract. I think that’s true with food too. Opposite flavors combines with each other so well just to enhance their own flavor. So I am trying to get these together with Strong Coffee and Sour raspberry […]

TOWINE – Chocolate & orange – Eggless

Hello everyone…. Presenting to you TOWINE – Chocolate & orange Never heard this name in the desert book? Well it’s a Tart cum Brownie so it’s called Townie. Crispy buttery Tart, Rich & sinful dark chocolate with a zing of Orang Steps in making the desert: 1. Making Tart base. 2. Making Brownie Batter 3. […]

Quick Kaju Katli

Its time for a delicious  Indian recipe. Kaju Katli – this needs no introduction

Ragi – Wheat bars with Carrot & Bottle Gourd

healthy delicious filling bares. a cheat way to give vegetables into a chocolaty bar for your loved ones.  

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