Pizza Muffins – Eggless

Pizza & muffin together – Surprised.. yes we do get savory muffins..  here is one of them… pizza Muffins.. Taste like pizza in muffin.. Surprise everyone wit this savory snack over the weekend … serve hot…

Quick Kaju Katli

Its time for a delicious  Indian recipe. Kaju Katli – this needs no introduction

Waffle Uttapa served with Sambar syrup, Roasted raw Tomato chutney and a dollop of Potato curry.

Waffle Uttapa Since been missing from a double week… here is a double recipe for today and for Monday… Friday – Double Savory Monday – Double sweet Waffle Uttapa served with Sambar syrup, Roasted raw Tomato chutney and a dollop of Potato curry. A traditional breakfast dish with a twist. Breakfast had to be eaten […]

Savory Waffles – Corn & Cheese – Eggless

Crispy rava waffles topped with corn, cheese and tomatoes. Add the fruit salt just before you are ready to cook the waffles. Eat these waffles as soon as they are made!

A walk down memory lane – Cake to celebrate 10 years of togetherness

ITS ONE LONG POST …. As my brother and bhabi where celebrating a decade of their journey togetherness – We wanted to surprise this sweet couple. A couple who does for the whole world needed to be pampered by the family. So along with all the surprise planning and hiding the secret till the end […]

Chocolate Cashew chewy Cookies(Gluten Free)

This is a description. This cookie is gluten free. even though gluten allergy is very rare somehow a lot of ppl think they are allergic to gluten. anywho here it is 🙂

Simple Sweet Eggless Doughnuts.

Hello everyone Monday called for a sweet tooth. So presenting you Simple Sweet Eggless Doughnuts. This is a no fail recipe have tried it different times in different presentations.

Avocado Pasta – Healthy quick meal

A delightful and filling meal. Eat guilt free healthy avocado creaminess mixed with hot pasta. A quick meal which can be made even after a long day of work.

Rasmalai CheeseCake (Vegetarian).

Hello everyone. When I read about the Kitchenaid Probaker Challenge I wanted to try a new desert. Here I have tried to combine my husbands’ and my likes in one desert.  He being an Indian by Heart – RasMalai for him & for me it’s the rich and creamy – CheeseCakes.   It’s a RasMalai […]

Ragi – Wheat bars with Carrot & Bottle Gourd

healthy delicious filling bares. a cheat way to give vegetables into a chocolaty bar for your loved ones.  

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